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What Is The Hard Word?

Welcome to my site, The Hard Word. I'm your host, Scott Montgomery bookseller, reader, genre writer, and bohemian red neck (it's why I live in Austin, Texas). I've spent over fifteen years as a book seller (currently at BookPeople) promoting two genres I am passionate about, crime and western fiction. Hammett and Elmer Kelton are gods to me.

The Hard Word is dedicated to championing the authors and work in both, past and present, well known and obscure. Expect to find reviews, interviews, and overviews of periods, themes, and author oeuvres (big word for a red neck). We may delve into some other genres, non-fiction, film, TV, and comics, but cowboys and crime is the source. I'm hoping you won't just hear from me, but from other writers and experts in the genres.

I appreciate your time and interest and hope this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Thank You Kindly,

Scott Montgomery

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