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If there is a theme for our upcoming Austin Noir At The Bar where a group of crime novelists get together to read from their work, it would be "size doesn't matter." We'll be celebrating short fiction as as much as long. We have a great lineup of practitioners in both forms.

We have writers known for their short work. Graham Powell has appeared in many anthologies as a go-to author. He will be reading from "Plutonium Blonde", a story featuring a real life character of the sixties, from More Groovy Gumshoes, an anthology with private eye stories that take place during the era. James A Hearn is another respected short story master. His "Home Is The Hunter" from Mickey Finn 3 will be included in The Best American Mystery & Suspense. V.P. Chandler is a rising talent combining noir and western components in her stories that often involve confrontation and survival in desolate places.

Manhunt magazine provided the best crime fiction in the postwar era. It's pages featured the works of Spillane, Chandler, and Cain as well as introducing readers to the next generation with with writers like Ed McBain and Donald Westlake, Author and genre expert Jeff Vorzimmer will give us a brief story from Manhunt's history.

Amy Gentry will be gracing us as well. Often referred to as a feminist crime novelist, the term doesn't give her enough due. In books like Last Woman Standing and Bad Habits, she writes about ambitious women in male dominated fields whose fight for survival takes them down dark paths. She also writes short fiction as well, with a story in the upcoming Austin Noir.

Regular Mike McCrary joins us. Mike has dipped his toe in many of crime fictions subgenres. His latest, Table 13, concerns a restaurant employee who gets drawn into the thrill killer life of two married customers.

Speaking of regulars, we have Jesse Sublett back. He is one of Austin's most creative citizens. Lately, he has been chronicling the city's underworld history. His The Last Gangster In Austin deals with the trial of a bail bondsman and junkyard owner who built a criminal empire from his businesses. Jessie will also be providing music, bringing his stand up bass.

So kick off your weekend by getting a little noir. We'll be starting at 7PM, Friday, April 21st, at Vintage wine bar and bookstore. The authors' books will be available for sale for your weekend reading pleasure.


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