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David Corbett is one of the sharpest and smartest writers out there. His use of genre to examine and comment on our society and controversial subjects such as immigration and gentrification. His latest, The Truth Against The World uses the dystopian novel to view our post Trump country.

He creates a U.S. in dire straits. Violence and insurrection has broken across the land, sending it into possible collapse. Much of it can connected to messages in a video game called The Truth Against The World. The game was based on a novel plagiarized from the work of Georgie O'Holloran who was falsely declared insane. Georgie decides to confront the man who stole from her. Her friend Shane Riorda, an Irish former commando goes along to have her back on this dangerous trip and narrates their journey through an America sliding into insanity.

Corbett's collapsing America is scary because it is so easy to recognize. One can believe you cold wake up to it tomorrow with different tribes against one another and committing crimes in the name of patriotism. The beliefs of the book's militia groups and shady leaders could be heard on Fox News tonight. He depicts a burnt out heartland of checkpoints, roving gangs, concert following fans (the closest thing to hope here), and many opportunists circling this bad situation. It's a place that could happen with one election or reckless corporation to give that last push. Seeing it through an outsider like Riordan allows us to see it all

However Corbett realizes you don't invest your reader's attention with simple downer rederick. He keeps the book popping with action. Also Sean and Gerogie's friendship, based on mutual love of the spoken word holds the book emotionally. It also helps that Riorda is one funny guy as well.

Corbett draws from several literary sources, filtering it through his own. It could be The Stand for our times. The Truth Against The World may not portray the apocalypse we want, but it's the one we deserve.


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